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Wines of America and The Forge would like to welcome you to our Winemaking 101 Class. This is a twelve-week exploration of the art of winemaking. In this class, we will explore the various varietals of wines. We will discover how these wines can change their notes by the addition of different yeasts, amounts and types of oak, amount of acid and malolactic fermentation. We will discuss the importance of proper sanitation, handling of the juice before fermentation, starting the fermentation process, testing/adjusting of the wine as it is being fermented and how to finish your wine for years of enjoyment.

For this class, 12 individuals/couples will take part in making two cases of their own wine. Each individual/couple, will make important decisions about their wine, bottle and label that they will produce including the variety of wine, mouth-feel, flavors and notes that they would like to add to the wine. After the twelve-week exploration of wines, we will all convene in order to taste and enjoy each other’s wine and to reflect upon the winemaking experience.

TOTAL COST FOR THE EXPERIENCE: $300 per single person/ $380 per couple PLUS the cost of the Juice/Grapes that you choose ($50 - $100). This experience includes the cost of the yeast, chemicals, bottles, labels and caps. All the equipment needed to make your wine will be provided by Wines of America and The Forge.

MISSING A CLASS: Due to the nature of the winemaking class and the actual process of making wine, a missed class must be made up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, a $50 surcharge will be added to compensate the instructor for their additional time in setting up the equipment and class.

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