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Crimson Harbor Port 2018

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UPC: 637405299953
Brand: Wines of America
Pairing: Stilton and Blue cheeses, walnuts, Black Forest cake; any sinfully-rich chocolate desserts with raspberry sauces
Alc: 18%

Crimson Harbor is our Port wine, it soft and sophisticated, yet bursting with a nose of plum and fig, on the palate, this wine gives a medium sweet and velvety dry flavour of blueberry, blackberry jam, raisin, figs all underlined by the bold presence of the Chancellor & Concord grape providing an under current of sweet and fruity, deep and rich with pronounced grape flavors and a silky mouth feel.

Our Port is specially fermented, and infused with our custom-made brandy, then aged in Bourbon barrels that conditions this port into a beautiful wine. It easily stands alone in place of any dessert.

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