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Wines of America

Wines of America is a farm to table winery; four generations strong and Veteran owned. We bring you great wines from across America at great prices.

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Wines of America was first conceived and started in 1978 by its German born founder, Herbert Tomasek, and is currently owned and operated by his grandson, Michael Lisovich.

Michael continues with the founding philosophy of producing great American wines and an affordable price.

Wines of America believes wine is one of the great pleasures in life. The secret of the brand quality and success is the combination of grapes of impeccable quality, specifically selected from the best grape regions in the United States, and the love and care used to make our wines.


Wines of America produces a number of international award winning wines. Our family begins with the vines and attends to the grapes and production on through to the final corking.

Using grapes specifically developed to provide fine flavor and high yield in America soils and climates, these wines showcase both high quality grapes and sensible price.

We use only the best materials and are vigilant in quality control.

While maintaining a hand-crafted artisan touch,  we  have high capacity automated bottling to support our customers needs.

Making Wine


Our Grand American wines are specially produced for the American palate.  Fine wines without the mystery of foreign languages or the confusing myth of certain wines for certain foods; we ARE Wines of America!

The secret of the brand's quality and success is the combination of the impeccable quality grapes specifically selected from the best grape regions of the Unites States and the love and care used to make our wines.

Wines of America is a Veteran owned company dedicated to producing quality affordable wines.

Wines of America also believes in corporate citizenship and giving back through a number of programs.

Dedicated to helping our Veterans


We have proudly partnered with Meadows Edge - Veterans Helping Veterans project, and Legacies Alive nonprofits to raise monies in support of our veterans.

$2.00 from every bottle goes to a veteran or veteran organization.  Funds distribution will be determined each quarter by a panel of veteran organizations.

Each bottle will honor a fallen Comrade with their photo and information so that we may toast to their Legacies and keep their memory alive.

Meadows Edge -

Legacies Alive -




We take a modern approach to a timeless craft. 

We use minimal-intervention wine making methods and sustainable farming techniques to create an amazing wine experience for our community — while also preserving this incredible planet we call home.

To ensure the best experience with our wines, we consider individual palates and sophistication by offer three distinct levels of wine complexity: Grand American table wines, Classic fine wines, and our Reserve and Premium wines.

Wines of America also produces Ice Wine, Fruit Infused Wines, Port, and Jellies. 


We are working hard to share our experience internationally through a number of export and distributer partners around the world. We realize that different cultures may have different wine preferences and we will help you create your own unique experience. Whether you want to distribute our label or create your own, we will work with you to meet your needs. We can custom label our bottles and we can fine tune our wine to meet your local tastes. For larger pre-order sales we can adjust color, sweetness, and alcohol content.

We just opened a new winery in Vietnam to better serve South East Asia

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